Winter Derby 2020/21


Starting just after Christmas, this years Winter Derby was the biggest Old School webcam event ever held, with 378 players registered to play the swedish format with allowed reprints. I was supposed to write an extensive report about it, but had some issues with the recordings, and what happended in the matches was too hard to remember afterwords. I can however show the awesome deck I played:

This deck is an absolute joy to play, and seems really powerful. I'm still missing some cards, and probably got punished for that, but still had a good run. There was just one other player I know of which played a very similar build, going 8-0. The deck is really good vs the best decks, and I will turn to this again for sure.

6-2 was my final score, and these were the matchups:

Round 1: vs TwiddleVault   2-1

Round 2: vs GWU Geddon   1-2

Round 3: vs The Deck   2-0

Round 4: vs 4c Red   2-0

Round 5: vs CounterBurn   2-0

Round 6: vs The Deck   2-0

Round 7: vs TrollDisco   1-2

Round 8: vs Erhnam on Ice   2-1