The Pre-Con project


After collecting playsets of every limited edition common, I started to think about how to put all these cards to use. Suddenly I came up with the idea of building 40-card «pre-constructed» decks. If you have read some of my previous blog-posts, you’ll know that playing pre-cons are part of almost every gamenight we have here, and it’s superfun to play. Pre-cons were first introduced in Tempest as 60-card theme decks, and I'll try to incorporate the same idea with my own builds. Building around just one theme might seem a bit dull though, so I'll try to have atleast a couple of combos in them with most other cards having synergies with one or more of the combos. Fillers in these decks will be cards that never see play, for example Guardian Angel, Creature Bond, and vanilla creatures. Hopefully these decks will feel like your first ever Magic deck, and bring back some nostalgia. Some might wonder; why beta? Why not unlimited, revised or even fourth edition, so you can have access to all coreset cards for a fraction of the cost? The answer is simply because I don’t have easy access to every card. The chase and excitement of getting a new piece of cardboard once in a while is what keeps me going and wanting more. This is the main reason that I’m playing oldschool, the feeling that I had back in the 90s when I was a kid, and was saving money for boosters, improving on decks one card at a time.
Well, this intro is long enough now, on to the first deck of this series.

 This is a low powered version of what I played in one of the Elfvalley Cups. It's based around cards that tap things or does nasty things to cards that are tapped. Twiddle is awesome here so I included 2, but the most awesome play here would be to slam Creature Bond on a fatty, tap it, and destroy it with Royal Assassin. Would probably only happen in Magical Christmas Wonderland, but it's worth a shot! Icy Manipulator plus Psychic Venom is another combo that can serve as a wincon, and making creatures attack into a Sengir Vampire with Nettling Imp or Sirens Call would also be super sweet. Filler creatures and graveyard animators round out the deck.