The long-term project


In-between all collecting and buying cards for spicy decks, I also have a more serious, long-term project. My favorite color as most know is black, but I also think there are some sweet cards in white and red. Therefore the ultimate goal is to have a 3-color deck that contains most of the cards I like. I also want it to be somewhat competative, just in case there is a big tournament with a prize-pool sometime. Here's where I'm at now:

The manabase is very greedy, almost to the point of unplayable, but duals are at the top of my wantlist. The land-count here is very high, just because I want to be able to cast my spells, and the Jayemdae Tomes will also help to draw me out of a flood if they can stick. 

The options I have here is to swap the Sedge Trolls for a Serra and a Sengir, and add Earthquake to the maindeck for a one-sided sweeper. Seems pretty nice, but the curve will be a bit worse. I could also drop the Serra's and buy two more Trolls for better mana, but then I would also want Nevinyrral's Disk instead of the book and then we're talking a lot of investment. One other thing I've concidered is to get hold of Savannah Lions to go more aggro, and swap the books for Armageddon. Well, time will tell, and I'll probably just try to jump on any good deal I can find and see where fate will bring me.