Nordic Warrior Cup


On Saturday the 25th of July I played in my first ever oldschool tournament. It took place at Skjenkestua in Drammen, and a total of 14 players were registrated. I was supposed to write a pretty extensive tournament report, but forgot all about it because I had too much fun drinking beer and talking smack, haha. Anyways, here's what I can remember.

This is the deck I chose to play:

Round 1: vs BUG aggro

In the first round I met the eventual winner of the tournament that played a really aggressive BUG build with 8 manadorks, Hippies and Giant Growth. Really cool brew, and something that I might want to play sometime in the future. The match went very fast with us splitting games 1 and 2 with each a nutty draw, and in game 3 I got steamrolled vs a turn 1 Hippie follwed up by land-destuction and discard

0-1 in matches

1-2 in games

Round 2: vs the WunderBaum deck

This was pretty much a copy of the deck Lukas Baum played when he won this years Raging Bull Series. A WGR pendelweenie deck. This guy also ended up in the finals of the tournament, so lets just say I had a rough start. Both games were really close, but I recall I had some mana-issues and the weenies ran me over in the end.

0-2 in matches

1-4 in games

Round 3: vs WUB midrange

My opponent here was also playing in his first oldschool tournament, so we had a little friendly banter before the match about who would be the first one to win an "offical" oldschool match. I won the first game fairly easy after dropping Underworld Dreams and hitting him with a huge Mind Twist. I also thought I was winning game two, but a Spirit Linked Serendib Efreet brought him back from near death, and I never drew an answer for it. After a mulligan in game 3, I managed to play a turn 1 Su-Chi on a Swamp, Ritaul and Sol Ring, but he had Swords ready for it, that left me with just 2 cards in hand and I never recovered.

0-3 in matches

2-6 in games

Round 4: vs Wu-weenie

Finally I met a deck I had played against at home, so I kinda knew what my gameplan had to be. Game 1 was a long one, but I beat him with 10 attacks from a Black Knight, while a couple of Mishra's Factories held his team at bay. Game 2 was pretty lopsided as I played a turn 1 Black Knight followed by a turn 2 Gloom.

1-3 in matches

4-6 in games

This tournament was everything that is great with oldschool magic. Great site, lots of beer and happy smiling people. Winning or losing, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. And maybe next time, I'll do some more winning aswell, haha.