New year, new addiction!


Happy new year everyone! Last year finished with me slightly getting into the AB format, and I'm slowly but surely getting hooked. Been pretty active on the market once again, selling tons of my stuff to get hold of Alpha/Beta cards, and this is some of the cards I've bought so far.

This format, although expensive, is really fun to play, and you can make some interesting brews with a lower power-level. I actually will be organizing a Norwegian tournament with this format in the near future, with power(except Timetwister) banned. Pretty stoked for that.

In other news I finally got hold of my 4th Scrubland, completing the set! Now all that's missing for my spike-deck is 3 Juzam, Mox Pearl and Black Lotus... Juzam should be ok to save money for, but the other two are increasing in value faster than I can save, pretty discouraging... Oh well, maybe I'll just sell blue power, Sapphire and Underground Seas to buy into AB, who knows haha...