New cards!


I have been working tons of overtime the last few months, sold almost all my non old-school cards and card-prices has gone a bit down, so I figured this was a good time to invest in more oldschool cards. The Mox Jet is by far the most expensive one, but I also got hold of some other cool stuff.

Picked up some cool playsets. Psionic Blast and Juggernaught are used in a few decks, and I would one day like to brew something with the Yawgmoth Priests:

In my quest to upgrade the black deck, I decided to buy a NM playset of Unlimited Hypnotic Specters. The foreign black-bordered ones were cool, but I really like the flavor-text on the hippies, and when I found a set for sale, there was no doubt in my mind. Also, the Beta ones are crazy expensive, so they'll have to wait.

4 Beta and 1 Alpha Mountain. No tap symbol and black borders, sweeet!

Some dark, evil Alpha upgrades for my monoblack deck.