After getting mostly swedish-legal cards the last few months, it’s now time to go back to Beta collecting. Didn’t own any of these cards on beforehand, so in addition to being very playable, they boosted my collection a bit. I’m now at 198 of 302 cards, so it’s a long way to go yet. 
I have sevaral builds ready for these to go in, and even if the UR archetype is really great in AB4k, I’ll probably use them most with other colors. I’m missing too many of the great cards in blue to put together a good UR deck yet. 

For those of you wondering about my «Back to where it all began» project, stay tuned for the tournament report for the May version of ODOL. There I’ll show off my deck, write about how it went, my thoughts about the deck and eventual tweaks I’m going to make next time.