Mailday! Playset complete and a new deck on the horizon


The summer couldn’t have started better! The stars alligned and both a great payday and two cheap Scrublands from a well known seller, allowed me to complete the Beta playset. I love playing Black and White decks, and these makes the manabase so much better. It also bring me some more deck-options with either a black og white splash.

The next step for a swedish deck is to upgrade my classic monoblack deck to another classic, Deadguy Ale. There’s still some pieces missing here, mainly Mox Pearl, City of Brass and Lotus. And if I really want to build the top version of this deck, I’ll need 3-4 Juzam Djinns as well. Other than maybe the Cities, this won’t be a huge priority for me, as it’s in AB4k my heart lies at the moment. I’ll end this post with a picture of what my Deadguy Ale deck looks like right now, starting to look pretty sweet!