Mailcalls and some homegames


More mails have dropped this week and one of them was this sweet patch and badge from instagram buddy mtgoldschoolpassion, give him a follow!

And here’s this weeks new inventory! A ton of 93/94 staples and OS95 staples. I also got a few Alliances cards for the upcoming Elfvalley «release» of the set which is due May 18th, 27 years after it released in the rest of the world(we’re a bit slow up here).

On Sunday I also managed to squeeze in some homegames against the neighbor. I played two quite different decks, a RG aggro deck full of burn, and this creatureless control deck with 4(!) Jester’s Cap. This deck was superslow, and I almost decked myself the two games I won. The game I lost was over in minutes when he played a turn 1 Hypnotic Specter which I never drew an answer for, haha. It was super fun to play though, and I was surprised at how broken Portent was in this deck. The shuffling ability was very good when I had Sylvan Library in play, and it was amazing to control the opponents next three draws when I was beating down with my factories. Great card!
Still waiting for a few cards that haven’t showed up just yet, stay tuned for more fun decks and inventory updates!