Long time, no see


Hello fellow magicians! Haven't been writing as much as I would like in a long time. Lots of stress at work, christmas and sickness at home, has made me put this blog on hold for a while. But now I'm back and will try to update this site a bit more regularly.

Lots of changes has happened since last time, I've cut down hard on my beta collection, and started on a different path. I was in Arvika in late february for the 8th version of the Arvika Festival, and traded in most of my oldschool collection for a legendary piece of cardboard.

Finally I got my hands on a Black Lotus! This card has always been in the back of my mind since I started playing magic, but it's never been the right time to get it. Now, things felt right, and a huge trade with the vendor along with some sales on my own landed me this beauty. I even had some spare change left to buy my 3rd Juzam. The feeling I got when it was in my possession is something I'll never forget.

In the tournament I played this deck where i was 3-2 at the time when I threw out my back and had to drop.

The delt felt great and my first loss was to a RUG Zoo deck where I remember flooding badly and also got Force Spiked at a crucial moment. The other loss was to Odd Anders' UR burn deck which fired on all cylinders when we played on stream. The decks I beat were BR Disco-Troll, UW Bots and Monogreen. All in all, the weekend was amazing. Great people, lots of beers and laughs.

With the addition of Juzam #3, the deck looks like this now, and will be my go-to deck at oldschool tournaments from now on.

So you might think, isn't it boring to play only one deck every time? Well, actually I don't play that much regular oldschool anymore, so this will do. My new addiction is the sets that came in 1995-97, mainly Ice Age, Homelands and Alliances, but also Mirage-block. My local playing buddies have many cards from these sets, and it feels refreshing to add cards from these sets to my oldschool decks. I've already gotten hands on alot of cards, and will focus on the Alpha-Alliances format for a while now, while also picking up reprints of oldschool staples. Here's a great start to Alpha-Alliances.

Painlands are a perfect addition for me since I don't own any duals yet. I will of course pick up duals when I can afford, but not the highest priority yet. Lots of other stuff is in the mail, so stay tuned for a weekly update on the growing collection.