Last few mailcalls to finish the Ice Age/Alliances project


The final few cards for my Ice Age and Alliances projects have arrived, along with some swedish oldschool stuff. Here's all the cards that have dropped in the mailbox the last couple of weeks.

The "bonecrank" Icy is really nostalgic to me, so I definately had to get a playset of those. Lim-Dül's Vault is a great card for control and combo-decks, and it will see a bunch of play in my ALICE deck projects.

Plenty of swedish staples and some fringe-use ALICE cards.

Tropical Island #3 and #4, along with Tundra #3. Will try to finish the Tundra playset as well, but it's no hurry as I can play Adarkar Wastes in my Alpha-Allicances decks. Black Vise is needed for a Stasis deck and also an RG aggro A2A deck. The Power Sinks are Unlimited and just had to get them when they were sold for a great price.

Oh, and as I've started to get quite a few patches, I invested in a vest to put them on. Haven't really gotten to finish it yet, but the big NOSMTG logo patch is pretty damn sweet as a back-patch. Will be great to show it off at the next tournament!