Last saturday I went over to the neighbors to play some magic and drink some «fine» wine. I started teaching him the game this autumn, so he’s still a newbie, but it’s fun to just get together and play some very casual games. He doesn’t have a very deep cardpool, but has picked up a few of the cards that I had to spare after upgrading to Beta, just so he can build some decent decks in every color. Building decks when you’re new to the game can be pretty difficult, but I told him it’s part of the journey and something that he should do by himself, even though I usually give him some advice if the deck he plays need some adjustment to work properly. We played for about four hours and here’s some action from the games:

Combo assembled! White Knight and Pestilence can be really hard to race, just hope he doesn’t draw Lightning Bolt for a 2-for-1.

This boardstate was at the end of a game. Pretty rough for his WG weenie deck.

I was at only 2 life here, but having Lord of the Pit, Pestilence and CoP: Black in play, ended the game in just a couple of turns.

Had to include this epic turn 1 I had where I ramped out the mighty Dwarven Warriors!