On Friday my local magic-companion and I had a cool gamenight again. As always we played a best of 5 match with precon decks, this time he brought a couple of Betrayers of Kamigawa decks, black/red Dark Devotion and green/white Spiritcraft. The Spiritcraft deck seemed vastly superior and came out on top 3-1.

We also played some oldschool, and I tried out some new cool brews. First I tried to make Priest of Yawgmoth work in a deck, but the blue/black shell I tried it in didn't really work, so It's back to the drawing board.

The other deck I played was a creation I call Ghost Disco. This is a blue/black deck which tries to abuse the Ghost Ship and Nevinyrral's Disk "combo", haha. This deck was so much fun to play, and actually seemed pretty decent, so I ordered a playset of Ghost Ships from the Dark, and a couple of Drowned too (because "the ship needs a crew" like Timmy the Sorcerer told me). Pics of the deck can be found under "Decklists". The deck also gave my a pretty nice turn 1 as you can see on the picture on the left.