Elfvalley Cup XII


The final Elfvalley Cup before the summer break has ended, this time it was regular dutch rules again. I chose to run my Night of the Living Dead deck again, with some minor tweaks. 2 Drain Life came in for 2 Terror, the Drudge Skeletons became Will-o-the-Wisps and a Disenchant was moved to the sideboard for a Nevinyrral’s Disk. This is what the final version looked like:

I had pretty high hopes for the deck since it worked so well the last time I played it, but the decks I met this time were pretty bad matchups I think. First off was a great match agains Eliot which played this Troll-Ponza deck:

I managed to win one game thanks to both being a bit flooded, which was a lot better for me since I actually could have enough land to play my spells. The other games he steamrolled me, one thanks to a huge Fireball, and the other thanks to lots of land-destruction spells. Loved his deck though.