Elfvalley Cup X


Cup X is in the books, and what a blast I had in this one. Finally I pulled the trigger and played my walls deck, and it made some pretty sweet games and plays. I actually built this deck a while ago, but always came up with something else to play. Now seemed like a great time to jam it, because I haven’t bought any new cards for AB4k in a while. Here’s the deck:

Match 1 vs Steven (B/u)

Steven keeps improving on his UB deck every time he joins, and while I’ve gotten the best of him in the past, he will soon catch up to me. 
Game 1 was a really tight one, he had some offence with Black Knight and a Timmy pinging away at my life, but a Wall of Fire came down to stop the Knight eventually. He managed to take control of my wall though, and even if an Earthquake took care of his weenies, he dropped a Pestilence to finish me off.
Game 2 was pretty dull as I slammed a Karma and a couple of Walls early. He couldn’t get anything through my defence and the Karma ended the game pretty fast.
Game 2 was also a bit one-sided as I had a really good draw with walls, removals and a Jade Statue to finish him of with

2-1 Win

Steven’s deck:

Match 2 vs Jordi (UB)

Jordi was new to the Elfvalley Cup, but I knew he was a regular in the Dwarven Warrior tournaments. We had a great chat before and after the match, very nice meeting him. 
Game 1 was rather one-sided as he played an early Mahamoti Djinn and I couldn’t find answers for it. My walls and Icy’s got either countered or bounced, and the big flyer finished me off in 4 turns.
Game 2 was pretty long and very close. He had some problems with landdrops, while I couldn’t draw anything but lands in the first ten turns. I kept chipping away with a Jade Statue while dealing with everything he played through 3(!) Glooms. Finally he drew an Icy to tap down the Statue, but then I could finish him off with a huge Fireball.
Game 3 was a stalemate for a while, with walls on my side and Sengirs on his. He tried to Mind Twist me for 4, but I had a Fork and be both ended up empty-handed. A few turns went by as we tried to draw something good, and when he suddenly attacked into my walls with Sengir, I knew some thing was up. I doubleblocked one, but he had Terror ready, and Psi Blasted the other one. This left me without any defence, and he won soon after.

Jordi's deck:

1-2 Loss

Match 3 vs Ole (UR aggro)

The next match against Ole was a great one. Game 1 was really long as I clogged up the board with walls, and he had no choice but to try and burn me out. He came close though and at a time I had to Swords my own wall, just to stay alive. I eventually had some Jade Statue action going on myself, and drew an Animate Wall to finish him off with later.
Game 2 was also pretty long, he didn’t draw red mana for many turns, and I flooded again. When I drew some action and he drew mountains, all we did was destroying eachothers threats, and the game culminated in two turns. I drew a Fireball and tried to burn him for 17, but the last card in his hand was a Blue Elemental Blast. Then he topdecked Disintegrate for the win, epic stuff.
Game 3 wad pretty fast, he had some weenies and a Juggernaut which is pretty good against my walls. The key play was when I tried to Disenchant the Jugger, he Unsummoned it, I Forked the Disenchant and he Blue blasted my Fork. The Jugger came down the turn after, and I never drew another answer for it, GGs.

1-2 Loss

I was very happy with how my deck performed. Almost every game was close, and the only problems I had was cheap removal like Swords, Terror and Unsummon. I probably will try another version of this deck later, with blue instead of red, for more defence against removal spells. 

The winner of EC-X was eventually Jordi and his UB deck, congrats to him! Thanks again to all who joined, see you next time!