Elfvalley Cup #8


This February the first Elfvalley Cup of 2022 took place. There were 18 players registered which is a new attendance record! A few new players had found their way to the Cup, Henk and Edo from the Netherlands and Eliot from the USA, welcome to you!
I had planned long ahead what I was going to play, but had to change decks because the cards I needed didn’t get here in time. I chose to try out some spicy red cards this time, and built this deck:

The base of the deck is pretty standard with Black Knights, Hyppies, Trolls, Bolts and the restricted cards, but I also wanted to put False Orders to use. It kinda snowballed from here, and Dwarven Warriors, Stone Giant and creatures that has synergies with them found their way to the deck. Frozen Shade and Dragon Whelp were no-brainers, and even Firebreathing seemed cool here. 
The deck did pretty ok, one player dropped and I lost the other 2 matches, but the games very really close and fun. I even got close to winning a game with False Orders, but I was one red mana short of lethal with a Firebreathing Sedge Troll. The decks I played against was MonoBlue Flyers and StasisVault.

The next Cup will start mid-March and we’ll mix things up a bit this time by playing Singleton. That should be interesting and we’ll surely see some cool decks and cards that don’t see play that often.

I will leave you with the deck of the winner of the Cup, Anne, what an absolute beast! 

Until next time,