Elfvalley Cup #7


The seventh edition of Elfvalley Cup was played in November, and this was the last one of the year. I realized I hadn't play a deck with green cards yet, so I thought this would be the right timing for that. My green cardpool is very light with mostly commons in it, so something other than playing the small creatures was out of the question. I figured red would be a nice fit since it's an aggressive color too, with burn spells and great sideboard cards to lift the powerlevel of the deck. This is the 75 I played:

Since I don't own any Berserks or Force of Natures, I had to go a different route with this deck, smaller creatures and better curve. Twelve 1-drops and ten 2-drops that could inflict damage seemed pretty fast, while burn and fatties rounded out the deck. Earth Elemental might seem like an odd choice over Fire Elemental, but the 5 toughness is pretty great in this format. I also want to mention the sideboard which looks very strong. Tsunami and Red Blast vs blue decks, Flashfires vs white, Jayemdae Tomes for the grindy matches and even enchantment and artifact removal. Probably the strongest part of the deck, lol. 

I don't have detailed match reports this time, but here's the results.

Match 1 vs 5-color Slanfan-special: 2-0

Match 2 vs Troll-Disco: 1-2

Match 3 vs Serra on Ice: 2-0

Match 4 vs MonoBlack: 0-2

So I ended 2-2(5-4) this time which was pretty decent, and probably the best I could hope for with this deck. The problems with this deck, and they were expected,  was that it ran out of gas sometimes. If the opponent managed to stabilize, I needed to find one or two Disintegrates really fast, or I was dead. Mana was also a bit of an issue, colorscrew happened quite a bit. The deck was pretty punishing against slow draws though, the sideboard was great and the Earth Elementals were good. With upgrades like Elvish Archers, Wheel of Fortune and Taiga, this build could be pretty good I think. Will definately play this later if can can get my hands on some of those cards,  since it was fun to play an agressive deck again. 

This was the last Elfvalley Cup of the year, thanks to everyone who dropped by my tournaments and made these events so much fun. Hope to see many of you again in February!