Elfvalley Cup #4


The 4th Elfvalley Cup is history, this time 18 wizards joined the battle which is a record attendance. Regular(dutch) rules were played this time and power and duals were flowing freely. I chose to go with what I belive is my best deck this time; Deadguy Ale.

I find this deck to be really cool to play, and wanted to try it out against the most powerful decks in the format to see if it was something to build on just in case there was a bigger AB4k tournament sometime. I even made some sort of a sideboard plan against the best decks in the format, even though this would be pretty hard to follow completely due to the fact that people have their own pet cards they like to play, and almost no two decks look the same. Also, I didn't know if my opponents would show up with their best brews, but atleast I hoped for some really close, hard matches.

My group in the tournament looked pretty good, two experienced players from the Netherlands, one of which is the founder of this format, and my opponent from the last cups final, Audun, which I know from before is a solid player. Here's how it went:

Match 1 vs Anne (MonoBlack singleton): 2-0

Match 2 vs Audun (RW Flare): 2-1

Match 3 vs Erwin (BRW Midrange): 1-2

Didn't quite get there this time, but all matches were really cool and exciting. These were probably some of the best matches I've had in AB4k, one game vs Audun even went on until I lost to a Fireball for 2 when I had just 3 cards left in my library, great times. Erwin went on to win the group, but lost in the semis. Here are the results from the top4:

Semifinal 1: Mattias vs Erwin: 2-0

Semifinal 2: Ole vs Bartel: 2-1

Finals: Ole vs Mattias: 2-1

Congratulations to Ole for winning Elfvalley Cup #4!

The winning deck: