Elfvalley Cup XI (norwegian rules)


Another Elfvalley Cup has finished, and this time we tried the Norwegian Rules again. The month of May is pretty busy for us norwegians atleast, and the dutch were busy with the Raging Bull tournament, but 6 players, where 3 are first-timers, joined the Cup anyways.
The work of creating a ruleset which is a bit more attractive to those with a shallow cardpool is not nearly finished, and I tried to build one of the best decks I could using the NO-rules to see if something needed to be fixed. I ended up with this Troll-Disco build:

My thoughts here was to maximize the use of every tier, and except for the duals, this was what I came up with. My plan was play a really controlling version, with lots of disruption and a land-destruction subtheme because of the max 4 dual rule.  

Match 1 vs Vicente: 2-0 Win

Vicente was new to the Cup, and even if our match was pretty onesided, we had a great chat and I got to see most of his deck. My land-destruction plan worked great here, he sadly stumbled on lands both games, but afterwords we both agreed that he probably should’ve played a couple more lands.

Match 2 vs Eliot: 1-2 Loss

I played Eliot last Cup as well, and this match was equally great and close. He played a sweet UG deck with lots of fatties, Clones and Doppelgangers. After splitting the first two games, game 3 culminated in a topdecked Magical Hack, which he used to kill my huge Nightmare so he could attack for lethal with his two Air Elementals. Guess the big horse isn’t a fan of being hacked into feeding on plains.

Match 3 vs Scott: 2-1 Win

Scott was a newcomer to the cup, and brought a pretty sweet deck to the table. He played a Troll-Disco version a bit different to mine, and to be honest, it seemed to be a better build actually. I had better draw than him though, and the Nightmare in particular were a house.

Sadly I cought a really bad stomach-bug and couldn’t finish the rest of my matches. This happens though, and luckily my opponents registered for the next cup so get another shot at playing.