ODOL(Online Dutch Oldschool League) September


For the first time in my life I'm going to play a online tournament. Webcam has been bought, lights have been set up, and I've even installed a program to record my matches. This will be fun!

The deck I chose to play is my Ghost-disco brew. The maindeck is picture here, with the exception of a Flash Counter and Force Spike swap.

I wanted to go for something spicy in my first ever online tournament, just to raise some eyebrows I guess, haha. The deck is still under construction, and I'm missing a few key pieces like Mana Vault and Mana Drain. Library of Alexandria and City of Brass also won't be hitting the mailbox in time. But I've had pretty decent testing results with the deck the few games I've played with it. I think I'm about 8-1 with this deck vs 4 diffrent builds, really small sample obviously. But I like the deck and it will be fun to see how it performs in a tournament.

Match 1 vs RUG Zoo

In my first match I was up against a very experienced player from Belgium. His deck of choice was RUG Zoo and it looked really nice with all cards being blackbordered. Game 1 was actually pretty tight, but a well timed Crumble on my Nevinyrral's Disk when I thought I might stabilize, was the key to winning this game. In game 2 I was pretty much run over and he had a pretty nice sideboard vs me with Red Elemental Blasts and a ton of artifact creatures which made my Terrors useless. He also had an active Library of Alexandria most of the game which along with Sylvan Library was too much card-advantage for me to handle.

0-2 Loss

Match 2 vs Deadguy Ale on steriods

In my second match I meet a nice dutch guy which plays a deck pretty similar to what I usually play. Game 1 I manage to counter his early Ancestral Recall, but get hit hard with Sinkhole and Hypnotic Specter turn 2. This proves to be too much to handle and he wins fairly easy.

In game 2 I survive both a timely Balance and a Mind Twist, and manage to race Underworld Dreams thanks to some good draws and a Mishra's Factory after being twisted.

In Game 3 I have a pretty lousy draw with few creatures and Disks, and he rides his multiple Mishra's Factories to an easy victory.

1-2 Loss

Match 3 vs Red-Green Ramp

So my first web-tournament has started pretty bed, will this third match turn things around? This time I dodge a tier 1/tier 2 deck and play versus something thats on the same level as my deck. 

Game 1 I feel in total control, and even get to Force Spike a turn 2 Erhnam Djinn, good times. He has some mana-issues after I disk away his Sol Ring and Mana Vault, and win game 1 fairly easy.

Game 2 is kinda funny as I didn't remember if Mana Flare gave both players double mana, or just him, haha. Turns out having Mind Twist in hand when opponent tap out for Mana Flare is pretty good, and I win that game very easy as he's left with playing from the top of his deck. Bad luck opponent.

2-0 Win

Match 4 vs Counter-Burn

So atleast I've gotten a win with Ghost-Disco this league, which was my main goal, but can I make it two in a row? Well, game 1 was pretty nasty as what I though was a good start with turn 1 Ancestral Recall, got stifled by a main-deck Red Elemental Blast. This ruined my entire plan and he even had a second one later which sealed the deal. Easy win for my opponent.

Game 2 I side in my own blasts along with some more counters, but his deck and draw were just superior to mine. He also played really well, so cudos to him for that easy win.

Counter-Burn really seems like one of the best decks out there, but I also think that my deck actually has a decent chance of beating it.

0-2 Loss

Match 5 vs Counter-Burn

Here we go again, another blue and red deck. Can I prove that I have game vs it this time? This match was the best match I played this league, games were really close and I played really well if I can say so myself.

I recommend you watch this match on my youtube channel, elfvalleymtg, because it was really great.

2-0 Win

Match 6 vs Black-Red Midrange

So my final match in this league has come, can I actually go 3-3 with my Ghost-Disco creation? When I see that my opponent plays red and black, I'm pretty sure I'm in for a rough match. Early Hypnotics, burn and maybe land-destruction seem to be very good vs my deck.

Game 1 I Unsummon his early Factory after he has played a land which sets him back a turn. This ables me to have time to control the board, and two Ghost-Ships eventually sails in for the win.

In game 2 my draw is pretty ok, but I'm a bit low on counterspells and a brutal Mind Twist leaves me with a land in hand, while I discard 2 Disks, Ghost-Ship and a Braingeyser. Ouch. Easy win for him.

Game 3 he mulligans and I can smell a victory. That scent quickly disappears when he lands a turn one Hypnotic. I need to find a bounce-spell or a disk really fast, but I draw mostly lands. Another easy win for him.

1-2 Loss

That concludes my first web-tournament, and even if I went out with a 2-4 record I really had a blast. Chill mood, nice opponents and a fun deck to play gave me the desire to do this type of tournament again. I probably won't play Ghost-Disco next time, but for sure one time in the future with some new toys. I'm thinking a white splash for some Swords and Disenchants.