Father vs Son gamenight


Every other tuesday my oldest son and I play a couple of hours of Magic while the wife is out. Most of the time it's old-school contructed, but sometimes we play sealed with old repacks.

Tonight we had some interesting games where we ended up in a Black Vise war.

My son played AtogBurn and I played Stasis, and twice it came down to who got the more Black Vises. One game we both had 2 out alongside my pair of Howling Mines, and I managed to land a Stasis to lock him out of playing anything from his hand. Thought the victory was mine for sure, but he draw a mountain and a Lightning bolt just in the nick of time to finish me off.

Next game I managed to copy his early Vise twice with Copy Artifact, and Boomeranged and Unsummoned his stuff until he ran out of life. He eventually won the match 2-1 though.

We also played a match with White Weenie vs MonoBlack, but games were short because I played turn 2&3 Black Knights both games while removing his weenies with Terror and Paralyse. 2-0 for the bad-guy.