Cubitational #2


Saturday March 7th I was in Oslo playing Cubitational #2. This is an annual invitational in which a few selected, trustworthy people gather to cube-draft. This was my first due to missing the first one because of work.

The people invited to this tournament range from a Hall of famer, to GP winners, down to me, haha.

The tournament took place at Brygg in Oslo, a pub serving lots of different beers. This might have had a say in my 1-3 drop, but I had tons of fun anyways.

Pictured is my 1st draft deck from a Legacy+ cube. Got a pretty decent Grixis control deck, but after the Round 1 bye, I lost 4 really close games.

My second draft deck isn't pictured, but it was a really great monoRed deck. Sadly I ran into a BW tokens deck and lost barely when I needed to 3-0 that draft.

Cube drafting was completely new to me, I've watched people do it before, but this was actually my first time drafting myself. I feel like the people who had drafted these cubes before, had a rather big edge compared to those who hadn't. I probably made a couple of wrong choices, especially in the first draft, just because I didn't know which cards were in the cubes. Nontheless, this was great fun, and I hope to make it to the next one.