Collection Storage


This is all of my Beta collection. Shoutout to Ultimate Guard and their great products, that keep the cards safe. The Superhive holds 3 Boulder 100+, 1 for basic lands, 1 for black uncommons, 1 for the rest of the uncommons. There's also room for a deckbox with a triple-sleeved deck and a Boulder 80+ for beta rares(can be upgraded to 100+ if needed), along with room for a playmat and dice. The complete playsets of commons I store in 5 Boulder 80+ boxes, 1 for each color, that fits perfectly in an Arkhive box.

There's not much "oldschool" about this storage, but I think a collection this valuable should be stored really safe, especially when the house is filled with kids and you don't want to lock the office door every time, lol. Also, when travelling, these Boulders and Arkhive/Superhive will keep out water/beverage and it's no big deal if you drop your backpack or bag. Super stuff!