Back to where it all began pt.1


After collecting and playing the AB4k format, and only that, for over a year now, I thought it was time to go a few years back in time and start getting back some of the swedish OS cards I sold. I’m pretty satisfied with my AB collection and available decks right now, and while figuring out what to build next, why not grab some «newer» cards to mix things up a bit.
Since I have a huge collection of black beta-cards, I decided to build the classic monoblack deck first. It was the first real deck I built back in ‘95 and was the first deck I built when I started to play Old-school 25 years later.
Below are the first few mailcalls I got, and more is yet to follow. The Divine Offerings were basically free, so why not pick them up just in case I want to take the monoblack deck to the next level, Deadguy Ale. 
Stay tuned for more posts about the journey back to where it all began.