Entered a auction for some old-school staples today. I'm currently the highest bidder on 2 Ivory Towers from Antiquities, 1 Land Tax from Legends and a playset of Kird Apes from Arabian Nights. I'm close to my maxiumum bid on all of them, and although I'm obviously hoping to win the auction, I won't cry if I'm outbid. These are all just upgrades to cards I already have, other cards are more important to get hold of, but I just couldn't pass the opportunity on a possibly great deal.


The auction is closed and I won the bidding on 1 Land Tax (LEG), 2 Ivory Tower (AQ), 2 Fellwar Stone (DRK) and 4 Island (Beta). Missed out the Kird Apes, but they were the least important. Payed a total of 140 euros for the lot, which I think was a decent price. Apart from the Islands, which was Good, the rest was NM by old-school standards.