Evil mailday!


For the first collection update, I have some black Ice Age staples.

Hello fellow magicians! Haven't been writing as much as I would like in a long time. Lots of stress at work, christmas and sickness at home, has made me put this blog on hold for a while. But now I'm back and will try to update this site a bit more regularly.

The summer couldn’t have started better! The stars alligned and both a great payday and two cheap Scrublands from a well known seller, allowed me to complete the Beta playset. I love playing Black and White decks, and these makes the manabase so much better. It also bring me some more deck-options with either a black og white splash.



After getting mostly swedish-legal cards the last few months, it’s now time to go back to Beta collecting. Didn’t own any of these cards on beforehand, so in addition to being very playable, they boosted my collection a bit. I’m now at 198 of 302 cards, so it’s a long way to go yet.
I have sevaral builds...