This is a website dedicated to the best game in the world, Magic the Gathering. Mostly about old-school magic, but also some MagicFest reports and other stuff.

Born and raised in the deep woods of Norway, I found out about this incredible game in late 1995. Since then I've been playing on and off, most casual, but also tried a few times to qualify for a pro-tour. Lots of PTQ top8's, one PPTQ win and a RPTQ quarterfinal loss was the closest I got.

Now I've dedicated myself to old-school Magic. Starting almost from scratch, I've built a few decks thanks to selling my entire Standard/Modern collection, and most of my Legacy collection. The goal is to have complete P9 by 2025 and lots of deck options.

My progress can be followed on Instagram @elfvalley.mtg

If you want your decks to be posted here, please send me a photo of it to erik@elfvalleymtg.com, marked «communitydecks».